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Are you the landlord of business premises?

Are you the landlord of business premises?
If you own a commercial building be it a shop or office, chances are that the tough economic market has had an impact on your ability to let it.

New occupiers are tougher to find, existing tenants are struggling to meet their rent commitments, while some want to downsize or move out altogether.

How do you maximise your investment in a difficult market? Collinson Hall specialise in helping commercial property owners in St Albans and the surrounding area to find and attract both tenants and buyers.

We have been working in the commercial sector for many years. During that time we have built an unrivalled knowledge of how to help our clients get the most out of their property.

Whether you want to invest or divest we will help you to:
  • Identify where to spend money on refurbishment, so that your property is more attractive to tenants,
  • Negotiate with existing tenants so that you can find a workable compromise on rents that satisfies both parties.
  • Find and attract buyers should you decide that it is time to sell.

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