Home staging has transformed the way properties are sold in the UK and is the first step to take when you’re preparing your home for sale or rent. Sometimes referred to as home styling, home staging is the art of presenting your property as a more attractive space to potential buyers or renters.

Here are the eleven best home staging tips for 2022 that will help your property stand out from the competition:


Research shows that well-staged homes can sell 88% faster and 20% higher than non-staged homes. Very Peri is the Pantone colour of the year, so whether your style is traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between, it’s advisable to go for rich and deep shades, which will be trending in 2022.

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If your budget is limited, it’s probably better to focus your efforts on the rooms that count. The living room, principal bedroom and kitchen are most important to buyers and renters.

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When you are staging a house for sale or rent, avoid leaving anything too personal on display. Remove family photos, fridge magnets and any other items that might distract from the ambience you want to create.  


Channel your inner Marie Kondo and eliminate anything you no longer need. The more attractive, spacious and functional it appears, the more likely they will make an offer. Cluttered cupboards, stuff left lying around in the lounge, and toiletries dotted around the bathroom all make your property appear less spacious. 


Paloma Harrington-Griffin, director of the Home Staging Association UK and Ireland, advises: “Each room should have an area where the eyes are naturally drawn to.”  

Vintage accents will be an increasing interior design trend in 2022. Opt for unique furniture choices arranged symmetrically to create an inviting seating area, or place a vase of flowers in an eye-catching position in the room.

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6. Add fresh colours

Floral wallpaper is a design element that has been around for centuries. This new year, wallpapers are getting a fresh look with bold colours and even metallic versions becoming top trends in the UK interior design world. Floral wallpaper can dramatically improve a space. Think about using them fragmentarily, particularly in smaller areas like the foyer or the cloakroom, combined with softer tones to add a welcoming feel to your home.

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Be sure to tackle even the most minor repair jobs, from dripping taps to paintwork scuffs. Consider replacing items such as kettles and toasters if they look tired and outdated.


Weeds growing out of the gutters, a tatty front doormat or a doorbell that doesn’t work all make a place feel unloved. Giving potential buyers/renters the sense that your property has been well looked after is just as important as making it look good.

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If the lighting in a room is limited to a single overhead pendant, consider investing in some slender floor lamps. Lighting trends for 2022 include elegant floor lamps in marble and metallic finishes that look just as good when the light is turned off.

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Updated kitchens are topping many homebuyers' must-have lists. Whilst some buyers are drawn to sleek spaces, others are attracted to the mid-century influence. And with some popular mid-century designers still making headlines today, the top kitchen interior design trends for 2022 are rustic textures, flexible layouts and green marble.

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 If your kitchen is looking dated or tired, a low-budget fix is to have the cabinet doors professionally sprayed in a different colour (calming greens will be trending for the next few years!).  


Houseplants freshen up interior spaces and welcome carefree relaxation. Wellness is growing to be an essential part of our lifestyle, and indoor plants enhance the serene ambience and infuse clean air as well. The houseplant trend for 2022 is inspired by a breezy and bright selection of colourful plants and flowers that give off positive energy. Plants to look out for in 2022 include Genisteae, Caladium and Oxalis.

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If you don’t have the time to tend living houseplants, you could invest in some artificial ones: some of the fake plants manufactured today look incredibly realistic.

When it comes to selling or renting your home, curb appeal is everything. Over 80% of viewers, including buyers and renters, say they find it challenging to visualise a property’s potential if it isn’t looking its best. 

Successful home staging allows viewers to imagine that your property could be their ideal future home.

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This blog is updated on 21/12/2021