We bring you the latest property market data about St Albans.

Rightmove issue periodic House Price Index data the link to which is here. This is national and regional based-data. St Albans falls into the East of England category. 

The information from Dataloft (below) is specific to the St Albans area and is based on the 'achieved price' Land Registry data for the sales market analysis and is updated monthly. 

The Lettings data has a unique set of 'rent paid' lettings data derived from several credit-referencing agency partners. The data is periodically updated as new data is released.

By its nature, the information is historic with some of the sales reflected in the data having been agreed many months ago. To understand current likely achievable prices the more recent sales and current demand also needs to be factored in. We post regular general market updates on the website which will give you additional insight into the local market. We would also be pleased to provide this information specifically relating to your property if you would find it helpful.

The data is supplemented with additional data from several other sources, like the Census, ONS, Bank of England and HMRC.