Up to date market intelligence and forecasts from the property experts at Collinson Hall

The property market rarely remains static and there is plenty of conflicting information reported in the media some of which is irrelevant to the St Albans market or is completely out of date reflecting market forces from many months ago. We have for some time used Dataloft as an aggregator of market intelligence. Although not always what we want to hear we have found their data to be reliable. It is periodically updated and you can see the most up to date information on our Market Intelligence page

Keeping up to date is our job but we also understand that some of our clients prefer to make their decisions based on all of the available information and this also includes hearing about current trends in demand for both location and style of property and how that might Impact a marketing strategy even if they are not in a position to be going on to the market right now.

If you would like to refresh your own valuation at any point please feel free to get in touch.