What can I expect from a "valuation"?

When asked to give a "valuation" we will offer you our opinion of the likely figure you should expect to achieve should the property be put to the market.

We will also discuss with you our recommended approach to marketing your property. This being tailored to your personal circumstances & timescale.

Although commonly referred to as "valuations", the term is misleading. More accurately they should be termed "market appraisals" - but maybe this is a bit too "agent-speak".

A true "valuation" would be provided by a chartered surveyor or similar and is chargeable.  We can do this but it would not, however, take into account current levels of demand or the  variation caused by the "good day/bad day" factor that can considerably alter the figures that can be achieved.

Although we would take account of the general condition of the property, an agents valuation does not include a survey and does not take into account factors that might be revealed in the legal paperwork - both of which could influence the ultimate price that is achieved.

We will explain our thinking behind the figures we give. This is primarily drawn from many years of experience and comparable information but will also be influenced by matters affecting the market, demand and trends.

At the end of the valuation/market appraisal we would hope that you have received sufficient information to make an informed decision about the manner in which you wish to proceed.

We do not charge for this advice and you will be under no obligation to use our services.


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