The process of realising value from your land can take a long time. It requires patience and expert advice in a number of disciplines – starting with planning and legal advice. You may also need a variety of specialist consultants, and depending on the scale of the scheme, a project manager to run it all. If you need a guide to land sales or new development in St Albans, we can help.


Finding the right team

Collinson Hall has been involved in a broad spectrum of development schemes, both residential and commercial, and have worked with numerous specialists along the way. Bringing the right people to a scheme is vital to give yourself the best chance of success, and our contacts are second to none.


Structuring your project

The structure of your project will depend on how involved you want to be—ranging from the development of large gardens where a developer takes on total costs, to the other extreme where a developer purchases land and wishes to assemble a local team of experts. A consented scheme can be built out and sold at an optimum value, to maximise the chances of delivery.

To discuss your land or new homes development project please contact Steve Walker.