Property Management

Collinson Hall are experienced in providing Property Management service for landlords of Residential Properties, Commercial Properties & Blocks of Flats (Block Management services). This page refers to residential property management but we have information about Commercial Property Management and residential Block Management in separate areas of this website. 

We would welcome discussions with landlords with portfolios of investment properties of mixed types about the landlord property management. As we are one of the best property management companies in St Albans, we have market-leading software to support our property managers in providing the best communication, detailed reporting and service to our clients and their tenants.

Property Management options for residential landlords

Collinson Hall provides the best property management services for the best net income. Our services include block management services, residential property management for landlords of residential properties and landlord property management and block management for commercial and residential properties.

To summarise, the landlord property management services can broadly be separated into three different types, these being:

Find Tenant Only (FTO)

  • As one of the best estate agents in St Albans, We will assess the property in order to advise on the potential rental value and agree with your MARKETING STRATEGY. We will require a current Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in order to MARKET the property. We can arrange this for you if you do not already have one.

  • Once we have received your signed instructions and terms of business, we will offer your property to the market, using our recognised MARKETING methods.

  • Applicants are qualified prior to viewing your property and when a prospective tenant wishes to apply for a tenancy, we will contact you to seek your instructions.

  • Once an agreement in principle has been reached, we will obtain personal data in respect of the prospective tenant(s) via a reputable CREDIT referencing agent, which you are welcome to review in order to satisfy yourself as to the suitability of the applicant.

  • Following assessment and approval of your prospective tenant(s) references we shall prepare the draft tenancy agreement for your perusal and, subject to your endorsement, we will facilitate the signing of the agreement by both parties.

  • Our standard tenancy agreement has been endorsed by the National Federation of Property Professionals and provides for the rent to be paid in advance by standing order to ensure prompt regular payments.

  • Prior to the commencement of your tenancy, your tenant will be required to provide us with one month's rent in advance together with the security DEPOSIT.

  • Following receipt of FUNDS and subject to your agreement we will arrange for a third party to conduct an inventory/schedule of condition and your tenants will be formally checked-in to the property. We strongly recommend the appointment of an independent, impartial professional body to commission the report, to support your right to make a claim against the tenants' deposit at the end of the tenancy, should it be necessary.

  • Once applicants have made the smooth transition into tenants, we will forward a statement detailing the rent received and fees that will be deducted from the rent, and the balance of monies will be transferred to you via bank transfer.

Let & Collect

  • Find Tenant Only plus:

  • We will collect the rent throughout your Tenancy and enforce payments.

  • As leading property management companies in St Albans, we have a strong in-house accounting and a financial team who will supply monthly/quarterly statements of account.

  • To give you peace of mind in the unlikely event that your tenant defaults on their financial obligation to pay the rent as set out in your tenancy agreement, we use all reasonable means available to us to recover late payments or arrears.

  • In addition to enforcing regular, timely payments we will also contact you prior to the end of your tenancy to seek your instructions regarding extending, renewing or ending your tenancy. Naturally, we would recommend a review of rent level receivable in respect of your property taking into account present open market rents in the locality.

Full Management

  • Let and Collect plus:

  • Dealing with the day-to-day maintenance so you don't have to.

  • Collinson Hall has a large portfolio of Residential, Commercial and Block Management properties. As one of the best property management companies in St Albans, we have decades of experience ranging from minor works to major renovations of large buildings.

  • We have an abundance of approved local contractors to suit every eventuality. All of the contractors who work with us have been carefully vetted, they understand the importance of reliability, rapid response and value for MONEY.

  • We do not receive a commission on any contractors' invoices. Therefore our sole objective in the landlord property management service is to provide you with the best person for the JOB at the right price.

  • In addition to managing the day-to-day maintenance, we will also inspect and comprehensively record the condition of your property; this will be undertaken at 3 months after the tenancy start DATE and at six-monthly intervals thereafter.

  • We will produce monthly/quarterly and final FINANCIAL statements. We offer transparent statements and reporting, and you will also receive original contractor invoices for your records.

  • We will manage any unavoidable DEPOSIT disputes: Understandably, landlords are concerned about tenants who might fall into arrears or damage property. Collinson Hall is a member of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS). Our property management service department is on hand to offer advice based on a wealth of experience when dealing with deposit disputes. Clients are always advised to commission independent inventory services to ensure the property condition is properly documented prior to the beginning of the tenancy and all the tenancy documentation is drawn up in accordance with current industry recommendations.

  • By following best practice in this way, the possibility for disputes is reduced and we are properly equipped to tackle the occasional issue when it does arise.

  • Assistance to Landlords Solicitors.

The list is not exhaustive and can be tailored to suit individual requirements. Please feel free to contact our St Albans estate agents to discuss options to suit your needs.