The tenant app - what does it do and why do we ask our tenants to make use of it?

Leading letting agents in St Albans, our back-office system that handles rent and payments to landlords and contractors is branded as Re-leased. As a part of their software package, they have developed a mobile app that allows tenants to see information about their tenancy and to report maintenance issues.

Repairs and maintenance issues are a fact of life. Sorting them out is something that you and we would like to make as painless as possible. A maintenance issue can happen at any time and we try to make resolving these issues a straightforward process and as simple as possible.

By using the tenant app which is free and downloadable as "Re-Leased Tenant" you will be reporting your issue straight to the property management system. With everything going into the right place and streamlining the whole process, resolving the issue should happen more speedily and efficiently than reporting via email or phone call.

We would encourage people to use the app for reporting maintenance issues as well as finding information about rental payments and important documents which we can make available through the app.

We have created this walk-through video to give some insight into how it works.