About Me

Having successfully graduated from Poznan University of Technology with a Master of Science and Engineer degree, it soon became clear to me that the potential (PhD) path wouldn’t align with my personality and what I wanted to achieve in life. Not having a precise life plan but seeking adventure, I came to the UK 16 years ago and decided to pursue a career in Finance after securing my ACCA qualifications.

Prior to joining the Collinson Hall family, I was fortunate to work for one of London's leading and top 10 of global ranking Demolition Contractors where I broadened my skills in finance and accountancy.  Unfortunately, the pandemic forced me to look for new opportunities but I am delighted to be have been given the opportunity to apply my skill set to overseeing financial and accounting matters of the business. I am passionate about what I do and grateful to be part of an equally passionate and driven workforce.

Why I joined Collinson Hall

I have always valued and highly respected Family-Run businesses and I truly believe that hard work, dedication and knowing your business inside-out is an unbeatable combination.
It has been a real pleasure for me to become a member of the team, the people are amazing – hardworking and great fun to be around. Their work ethos is truly admirable. This hasn’t come as a total surprise having met the owners. At Collinson Hall, the impressive work culture is led from the top - Catherine and Steve are truly amazing people who put all their hearts into their business and value people most. No wonder the results are outstanding!

When I am not working

 I am always intrigued by trying something new, seeing new places, trying new food or meeting new people! Life's so fascinating! I enjoy travelling and I have been fortunate enough to have visited some really interesting places, but there are more destinations on my bucket list I wish to explore. Likewise - my daughter - being the youngest passenger known to Wizzair Airlines' hostess’s "jumped" on the plane for the 1st time when she was only 17 days old. I am now looking forward to resuming my "wild adventures" when the pandemic chaos in the travel industry is finally over.

I love socialising so when I'm not at work - I usually, together with my friends and their families, look for new places to visit and activities to explore. I easily relax listening to live music and absolutely love the atmosphere of a good rock concert as the vibe feels very energising.

When the weather is nice, I especially enjoy attending outdoor events like festivals, open-air cinemas/theatres or simply picnics of all sizes. Also, during lockdown, to everyone's surprise (but mostly mine), I started practising cake baking and decorating. That's when I get really creative, and I guess it's a healthy balance to my brain and number driven thinking at work. I’ve only made a few of them so far, but - surprisingly - my cakes receive favourable recommendations followed by a few orders already. Whenever there's a family or friends celebration, I take this opportunity to practice on willing guinea pigs :)