About Me

I originally come from a background in recruitment and hotel management. My role at Collinson Hall has allowed me to combine many facets of the experience gained in these industries.  Instead of matching people with jobs I’m matching people with their dream houses and combining this with personalised and professional customer service. I have lived in Hertfordshire for over 20 years so know the area well.  St Albans ticks so many in terms of culture, history and diversity – something for everyone.

What I enjoy about working at Collinson Hall

I love the job for its variety - no two days are the same. I love people and helping them through the sale process can be quite emotional but with a great end result to aim for.


When I am not working

In contrast to my day job I live with a sheep farmer in Wheathampstead – a different lifestyle but it’s nice to have a contrast. Apart from that, I love to bake and a bit of jazz singing when I can.