About Me:

I am originally from Nottingham and had an early career as a midwife. I moved to London and graduated from The London School of Economics in 1986, I went on to have a successful career in researched-based financial consultancy and business management in London. I joined Collinson Hall in 2007 and am now responsible for the strategic and financial management of the company, along with Steven.

Why I joined Collinson Hall

I met Steven through our shared love of diving. As our relationship evolved it became clear to me that Steven needed some help in running the business and my skill-sets and experience were a good fit. It wasn't quite what I had planned but I have found it immensely rewarding working with the team and mentoring key staff. The ethos of the company is important to me, as it is to Steven and I am very proud of my contribution to date.

When I am not working

I have always enjoyed the outdoors to keep a life balance, I have dived many parts of the world, trekked mountain ranges and travelled over 70 countries. When I am at home, I enjoy walking, yoga, learning the piano, and am an avid reader. Perhaps surprising to some, I have been metal detecting across sites in Hertfordshire for the past 5 years. Some of my finds are in the museum and I have discovered a love and appreciation of English history through this hobby.