About Me

After completion of Accounting and Finance BSc (Hons) at Coventry University in 2020, I progressed into an Accounts and Finance Trainee for 7 months and eventually took on an opportunity offered to me at Collinson Hall as a full-time Trainee Service Charge Accountant. I have been enjoying my work at the company surrounded by very accommodating and supportive colleagues. I am excited to gain more knowledge and work within the real estate sector. 

What I enjoy about working at Collinson Hall

I’ve always been very interested in real estate and accounts as well as how agents process rent and service charges. Therefore, putting together my passion with my accounts experience I know I can be an asset to the team and further develop my career path. Finding Collinson Hall was a dream come true as I visualised myself working closely with others in an open office space. I love how can we communicate easily and efficiently. Collinson Hall is a thriving and energetic company with a big emphasis on developing talent and looking after the staff and I am happy to be a member of a great team.

When I am not working 

My hobbies include going out to visit open space gardens, playing card/board games, dancing, exercising and eating out with friends.