About me: 

After completing my degree, I was still unsure on what career direction to take – after trying out various roles I eventually found Property Management: now having almost 6 years’ experience in the industry, and holding an AIRPM qualification, I have settled into my chosen career; and feel that I provide a very personable and dedicated service to my Clients.


Why I wanted to work at Collinson Hall:

Collinson Hall is a great fit for me to expand on my industry knowledge and further develop my career alongside a tight-knit team – and being located in central St Albans, it’s a beautiful setting within which to do so.


What I do outside of work:

Outside of work I am a bit of a ‘homebody’, but do enjoy my time in the gym, skiing, and spending time with family: I have two young nieces and a nephew, as well as my dog who takes me out on long muddy walks. I also enjoy cooking, and entertaining friends at home; cosplaying and following the entertainment universes of both Marvel and DC; a wide range of films, from Disney animations to the horror genre, and have a similarly wide taste in music.