My Career with Collinson Hall

I joined Collinson Hall as Lettings Manager following the birth of my second child in 2011 and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute since. I am not saying that every day is a breeze (far from it) but I relish a challenge and I am a firm believer in getting out of life what you put into it and my career with Collinson Hall has certainly mirrored this ethos. 

After excelling in my role as Lettings Manager, I was promoted to Senior Lettings Manager in 2013 and subsequently, after taking on broader responsibilities within the business, I was appointed to Associate Director in 2016. My confidence and capabilities have grown over the years that I have been with the company and I have learned invaluable business skills thanks to the support of both the M.D Steven Walker and his wife Catherine (F.D). As a result of my hard work I was promoted to Director in December 2019. 

Broadly speaking, my role at Collinson Hall now includes leading and overseeing both the Residential Lettings, Property Management & Residential Block Management Teams, identifying business opportunities, monitoring financial & operational performance, reviewing legislation and regulatory changes and implementing new procedures to improve our services to clients.

What I enjoy about working at Collinson Hall

Everybody at Collinson Hall works incredibly hard and we are a tight team of likeminded individuals. The culture of the company is simple too, work to best practice principles, do your level best for your clients, be honest and respectful with clients and colleagues alike and you will achieve the desired results because the company and brand will not fail to do their part!

What I do out of work

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my husband and my two children. We love to travel and discover new places and when we aren’t off doing so, we are contemplating where we will be heading to next. It’s safe to say that even at such a tender age, my children are already seasoned travellers. 

My daughter and I also enjoy a shared love of horses and can often be found galloping through the stunning Hertfordshire countryside together every chance we get.