About Me:

I first started working in Estate Agency in St Albans in 1987. I was working for a great company for a couple of years but I thought, with youthful enthusiasm, that I could do it better. It was particularly important to me that we would balance being successful with repeat business from our fee-paying clients who wanted a high standard of service and were prepared to pay a reasonable fee for it.  Although the faces at Collinson Hall have changed over the years and I have gone from being the youngest in the team to one of the oldest I am pleased to say that we have kept our ethical stance throughout. 

Why I enjoy working at Collinson Hall

I love living and working in St Albans and have been very proud to be involved with this business. As a company, we have been challenged by market fluctuations and major global events that impact both the day-to-day running of the business and our strategic approach to advising our clients. We have overcome these and embraced the opportunities that change has given us.

We have spread the "base" of the company and can offer real multi-channel support for clients who have a need for advice and assistance with multiple property-related matters. Ultimately it is our people that are our real assets and it is their skill and commitment that makes it all work. Recently we (Cathy and I) have been thinking about the long-term future of the company and decided to plan a path that will bring our people through in a career path to senior positions that will allow us to step back at some point. It is exciting to watch the growth of these people in the knowledge that the company will be in good hands down the line. 

When I am not working

You will probably find me on a bike. This has not always been the case and for many years Cathy and I travelled a lot pursuing our love of diving - that's how we met. I also love photography and spent many many hours underwater taking pictures of tiny (or not so tiny) marine life. 

For various reasons, we had to pause diving for a bit and I found cycling. I now can be found with a big grin on a variety of mountains around the UK & Europe. Cathy and I can also be found hiking anywhere with a view as well as embracing the pleasures of the galleries and museums of London. It is so easy from St Albans and there are so many wonderful things to see.

My daughters are grown-up and enjoying their adult freedoms. They are not showing any interest in property (yet) - they have probably seen how tough it is - I hope it hasn't put them off as the rewards of running your own business and working in a great community like St Albans are immense.