Unlocking Opportunities: The Power of the Modern Method of Auctions in the UK Property Market

In the ever-evolving landscape of the UK property market, the modern method of auction has emerged as a powerful tool for property owners looking to sell. This new approach is revolutionising the traditional buying and selling experience. From substantial period homes to modern urban dwellings and of course chain-free properties, modern method auctions have opened a world of opportunities for all parties involved, removing many of the frustrations of the traditional sales route.

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Speed and Efficiency

Operating on a fixed timeline, auctions gather buyer information up front and operate an accelerated process which benefits sellers looking for a quick and efficient sale - especially in situations where time is a priority.


The modern method of Auctions ensures complete transparency throughout the process. All bids are visible, eliminating any doubts about the fairness of the sale which fosters a sense of trust and confidence among buyers, knowing they are competing on a level ground. Other benefits of this modern method of auction are that the seller has complete control over price (the property doesn’t sell for less than you allow), a committed buyer (your buyer is obligated to pay non-refundable fees once you accept their offer and 0% Sales Fee.

Diverse Property Portfolio

The UK property auction market caters to a wide array of properties, from residential homes to commercial properties, from countryside estates to city-based apartments. 

Expert Guidance

We appreciate that this is different and that navigating the auction process can appear unfamiliar and a little daunting. By using the services of a reputable auction house who can provide expert guidance, you can enjoy a smooth and successful experience. And working with a team offering comprehensive support and information, both buyers and sellers can be fully armed with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.

Embrace the Future 

Auctions have evolved from a niche market to a more mainstream route for sale in the UK property landscape. Their ability to streamline transactions, unlock opportunities, and foster fairness has made them a real alternative for an increasing number of property sellers.

Following recent successful sales using this method, Collinson Hall have partnered with leading Auction specialists Pattinson who have over 30 years of experience selling property across the UK, accumulating over 6.5 million page views on their website per year via their Online Bidding Platform, along with property feeds to all leading property portals.

We recognise and understand the transformative power of these style of auctions, and our team is dedicated to embracing this modern approach to carefully selected property transactions, further enabling our clients to achieve successful sales.

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