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The St Albans Times – The Region's ‘Best Kept Secret’ Magazine?

In an era where traditional print local newspapers are struggling, the importance of local digital publications for advertising properties has proportionately increased. With long standing local papers no longer being delivered to homes, as a local estate agent, we have had to adapt our strategies to reach potential buyers and renters accordingly. One such publication filling this important gap, is the St Albans Times, an online current affairs magazine with a focus on providing insightful analysis and opinion pieces tailored to our Cathedral city and its nearby towns and villages.

But why is a publication important when we have the portals like Rightmove and On The Market? Clearly the portals have a part to play but people will only see properties displayed on the portals if they are actively looking. We wanted the ability to put properties in front of people who may not have reached that point and have yet to register. Being within a digital magazine gives us the opportunity to grab people's attention as we used to when people would browse a physical paper.

Unlike its print predecessors, the St Albans Times currently operates solely online, delivering its content via the web, social media, and a weekly publication on ISSUU which you can subscribe to. However, its online presence doesn't diminish its value; instead, it enhances accessibility and engagement with its audience. Our adverts are clickable. If you like what you see you can click straight through to the full information. And what’s more - it’s FREE!

What sets the St Albans Times apart is its keen editorial eye honed by years of local knowledge, contacts and expertise, the publication tackles issues important to the district, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of local dynamics. It is also a source of information and reviews about local events, performances, restaurants and sports results. This dedication to authentic, locally focused reporting ensures that the St Albans Times remains a trusted source of information for residents and those with an interest in our beautiful city. It is no surprise that the readership, our client base, return to the St Albans Times every week to catch up on all the local news.

We were quick to recognise the important role played by the St Albans Times early on and how it was the perfect vehicle to complete our marketing strategy . That’s why we're proud to support the paper by showcasing our properties for both sales and lettings in its digital pages. By aligning ourselves with a publication that boasts the best audience for property-related content in St Albans and the vicinity, we can continue to effectively reach (alongside other marketing activity), individuals, who are actively seeking homes in the area.

Hyperlocal publications like the St Albans Times offer a beacon of hope for intelligent journalism, providing a platform for community engagement where we can target our properties for both sale and to let. And so, by leveraging this exciting digital magazine, we can ensure that our properties receive the attention they deserve while contributing to the vitality of local journalism in our beloved city.

You can check out the latest issue of the magazine here and don’t forget to subscribe to get your FREE copy direct weekly to your mailbox.