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As the new year unfolds, so do opportunities in the St Albans property market, and the Collinson Hall New Year Property Launch stands as a testament to the advantageous timing for both buyers and sellers. This annual event showcases the unique advantages that come with listing your property at the start of the year and looking back at the 2022 statistics - they certainly paint a positive picture.


A Stellar Beginning: 19 New Property Instructions and 17 Successful Sales

The numbers tell a compelling story – 18 new property instructions were introduced to the market during the Collinson Hall New Year Property Launch, and an impressive 16 properties found their new owners within the first 4 weeks. This robust activity demonstrates the vibrant energy and eagerness among both buyers and sellers to kick off the year.


Strategic Price Adjustments: 10 Reductions Leading to 8 Successful Sales

With a thoughtful approach to pricing, 10 reductions were strategically made to attract potential buyers. The result? Eight successful sales, emphasising the importance of pricing strategies in a dynamic market.


Unveiling the Buzz: 175 Viewings in the First Two Weeks

In the initial fortnight of the New Year, a staggering 175 viewings took place, underscoring the enthusiasm and interest generated by the launch. This high number of viewings not only signifies the attractiveness of the listed properties but also highlights the efficiency of the Collinson Hall team in connecting potential buyers with their dream homes.


A Flourishing Market: 109 New Applicants Registered

The Collinson Hall New Year Property Launch not only attracts potential sellers, but also captures the attention of eager buyers. In 2022, 109 new applicants registered with Collinson Hall, a clear indication of the robust demand in the market and the trust placed in the agency by those looking to move home within St Albans and the surrounding areas.


Online Presence: Rightmove's Impactful Impressions

In a world where digital presence is everything, the Collinson Hall New Year Property Launch benefited from the extensive reach of industry platform Rightmove. From Boxing Day to the 1st of January, Rightmove generated a remarkable 3.8 million individual impressions and this online exposure undoubtedly helped play a crucial role in attracting an interested audience. As a company, Collinson Hall advertise extensively on the Rightmove platform to maximise sales potential and extend the impact of the launch.


Conclusion: A Bright Start to the Year in Real Estate

The Collinson Hall New Year Property Launch has once again proven that the beginning of the year is the perfect period for both buyers and sellers. With impressive numbers in new instructions, successful sales, strategic reductions, viewings, and online impressions, it's evident that our friendly and knowledgeable Sales team should be your go-to estate agents in St Albans.