St Albans residents have learned a lot from a year spent going in and out of lockdown. Having worked, home-schooled, and tried to exercise in spaces that were not always fit for the purpose, local renters and homebuyers have better understand what they need from their homes.

That’s why we’ve based our housing market predictions for 2021 on the most popular search terms currently used by home movers. Here are the top 10 features people will be looking for in 2021:

1. Garden

Our gardens are now enjoying a long-overdue makeover. Decking, raised beds, pergolas, and firepits are being used to transform the humble backyard into an exciting outdoor space.

We list your Top 10 home moving trends 1

2. Parking

Cars have been essential means of getting around during the pandemic, but we’ve all had enough of driving around the block, looking for a parking space. That’s why we’re on the hunt for homes with off-street parking.

3. Garage

Garages are handy for so many reasons. Not just for secure parking, but for storing your gear or any goods that could sometimes come in handy. Popping a few boxes in the garage helps you keep up the minimalist Japandi styling indoors.

We list your Top 10 home moving trends 2

4. Balcony

If you can’t get a flat with a garden, a balcony is the next best thing. It’s the perfect place for morning yoga or sunset drinks, and you can create your green oasis with potted plants.

5. Pets

To feel less lonely in lockdown, many of us have adopted a pet. Fortunately, the government has now changed its recommended tenancy agreement, making it easier for tenants to own pets.

We list your Top 10 home moving trends 3

6. Flooring

Fitted carpets are SO last decade. Now, all we want is attractive, easy-to-maintain hard finish flooring so we can wipe spills and vacuum up pet hairs in seconds.

7. Bills included

Some renters have struggled financially during the pandemic. Rents with ‘bills included’ (also known as ‘all-inclusive package properties’) make it easier to manage your money.

We list your Top 10 home moving trends 4

8. Ensuite

We all love to step out of bed and into the shower. When the kids start to spend longer in the bathroom than you do, an ensuite is the only answer.

9. Rural

Walking and jogging in lockdown has rekindled our passion for nature, so perhaps it’s not surprising that rural locations feature in this top ten list.

We list your Top 10 home moving trends 5

10. Studio

Small is beautiful: at least, we think so. Studio flats are comfortable on the pocket and can often be found conveniently closer to town centre shops, bars and restaurants.

We list your Top 10 home moving trends 6

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